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Balance XT Trainer

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  • Balance XT Trainer
  • Balance XT Trainer
  • Balance XT Trainer

Heighten your balance while building core strength through instability training!

A heavy duty balance disc, the Balance XT Trainer is designed to play hard.  Our athletes use it exercising while standing, sitting, squatting and kneeling, in both isometric and plymoetric workouts.  The especially-designed textured surfaces enhance user “feel” as well as the disc grip on floor while exercising.  Moisture proof and wipes down easily.  Adjust air pressure using standard ball pump with needle adaptor.  Latex-free and phthalate-free.  

Instability training on our Balance XT Trainer is a fun, challenging workout that you be done inside, outside, wherever you are!

The Balance XT Trainer is filled to specification. Adjust the air pressure using a standard ball pump with needle adaptor.