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WristWrap Innovation

Our focus on innovation dates back to 1988 and Dave’s first glove design — Harbinger’s signature WristWrap.

Called “the most powerful wrist support system ever built in to a weightlifting glove”, the WristWrap put Harbinger on the map with weightlifting champions like Lee Haney.

The WristWrap caught attention because it’s not a gimmick, it really works…


Harbinger’s WristWrap starts on inside edge of hand near thumb, and wraps down diagonally across back of hand to wrist for maximum wrap strength.

It goes two full times around the wrist, with an adjustable hook–and–loop closure that provides as much (or as little) stabilizing wrist support as you want.


  • Powerful stabilizing wrist support while lifting
  • Keeps hands and wrists in proper position while lifting
  • Adjustability in tension when working out (but not lifting)