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Harbinger Fitness Teams Up with I AM ADAPTIVE

Harbinger Fitness, a trusted leader in strength training accessories, today announced a partnership with I AM ADAPTIVE™, a non-profit organization with a global physical and online community for adaptive athletes that focuses on educating, socializing and mobilizing adaptive athletes and veterans to change perceptions about the use of the words “handicapped” and “disabled.” The partnership underscores Harbinger’s commitment to strength training and will include donation of Harbinger products for the I AM ADAPTIVE Complete Team athletes as well as support for I AM ADAPTIVE events.

“We help athletes Unleash Their Greatness and be leaders and role models in Adaptive culture,” said I AM ADAPTIVE President and Co-Founder Marilyn Zosia. “This partnership with Harbinger further equips our athletes so that they can achieve their full potential and broadens our reach in the fitness community.”

The I AM ADAPTIVE Compete Team has 50-60 adaptive athletes that compete in various sports including CrossFit®, weightlifting, bodybuilding, snowboarding and track and field. Harbinger will equip Compete Team athletes with strength training accessories as part of the sponsorship, including Ambassador Lindsay Hilton, who has already been training with Harbinger wraps and hooks. Born without arms or legs, Hilton became a CrossFit sensation and inspirational public figure, performing incredible feats of strength. Harbinger lifting hooks, straps, wraps and belts allow Hilton and fellow adaptive athletes to perform a wide array of strength training exercises during training and in competition.

“Harbinger is dedicated to promoting strength training for athletes of all levels, backgrounds and disciplines,” said Marco Garsed, vice president of Marketing for Implus, parent company of Harbinger. “We’re cheering for each I AM ADAPTIVE Compete Team member and their remarkable example of dedication and tenacity; values that Harbinger shares.”

In addition to supplying athletes with products, Harbinger will support I AM ADAPTIVE at hosted and sponsored events and through social and digital campaigns. I AM ADAPTIVE also recently opened its first Sports Performance Training Center, The Matrix Center, in Miami. Focused on Innovative Therapy and Rehabilitation, The Matrix Center welcomes athletes of all abilities with the goal of bringing a new standard of rehabilitation and performance to South Florida.

For more information on Harbinger products used by I AM ADAPTIVE go to www.harbingerfitness.com and to learn more about the I AM ADAPTIVE imitative and Compete Team athletes, visit www.iamadaptive.com.

About Harbinger:

Harbinger, a division of Implus Corporation, encourages people to elevate their strength training. Now 28 years strong, Harbinger leads the strength training category in gloves and belts and has expanded into other accessories, including wraps, straps, and speed ropes. In 2013 Harbinger introduced the functional fitness product line, HumanX. Offering gloves, belts and accessories specific to cross-training, HumanX enhances fast-paced workouts that combine speed, coordination, strength and endurance. With proprietary technology and advanced design, all Harbinger products drive their respective categories and continue to deliver quality and innovation. Harbinger is managed in Austin, Texas at the Implus Fitness Division offices. Implus LLC proudly distributes to over 75,000 retail outlets across North America and in over 70 countries worldwide. www.harbingerfitness.com

About I Am Adaptive:

I AM ADAPTIVE™ is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that concentrates on people's strengths rather than their differences and goes out of its way to connect and work with other Non-Profit Organizations that understand this philosophy. I AM ADAPTIVE thrives on teamwork and knows what the power of networking, connection and universal inclusion can do for the community and world of sports. The International I AM ADAPTIVE Compete Team is full of heroic athletes making the ‘impossible’ possible and are busy motivating thousands others to do the same. I AM ADAPTIVE spends its time promoting incredible stories and showing the community the possibilities that lie within themselves and those that lie within partnering with other likeminded organizations! I AM ADAPTIVE is changing the world as we know it, shifting the gears of pain, disbelief, and fear into a world of exploration of self-belief, perseverance, and triumph. There are currently over 30,000+ individuals worldwide using the I AM ADAPTIVE hashtag to showcase their greatness, while I AM ADAPTIVE caters to an audience of over a million viewers globally. www.IAmAdaptive.com