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Crank UP Your Conditioning!


Our ambassador and Strong Woman Competitor, Jennie Cwikla is the master of conditioning! Looking for the best cardio products and how to take your cardio to the next level?! We can help you get there, check out your guide to crank up your conditioning.

“Traditional cardio is so last year,” smiles Jennie. “ Smart men and women know it’s all about conditioning. Conditioning workouts use less time, but demand more intensity, meaning you’ll burn more fat and actually maintain lean muscle mass in the process. The result? A leaner, tighter physique like you’d see on track and field athletes, high jumpers or CrossFitters.” For a super-easy way to introduce conditioning workouts in to your regular routine, Jennie recommends jumping rope. “Using a speed rope will challenge your cardiovascular fitness and get your leaner more quickly than long, slow cardio,” Jennie says. “You’ll really see the difference in your overall fitness, too. I recommend this speed rope to everyone at my gym. You can create fun, fast workouts at home or take it to the gym with you and add some skipping on to the end of your workout.”

The HumanX X4 Speed Rope has been specifically designed for speed and control so you can get into a rhythm with a smooth, fast swing. The ergonomic handles feel great and the rope has just the right amount of weight to it, giving your arms and shoulders a workout as you jump.