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Get Moving in 2016: Must-Have Kit For This Year's Hottest Workouts

Hey ladies! Are you ready to get 2016 started with a new workout which will challenge your body and mind, pushing you to reach your potential and unlock your best body yet? The fitness experts at Harbinger have been trend-spotting to bring you the workouts set to dominate 2016. And ambassador Jennie Cwikla shows you how.


Harbinger ambassador and women’s fitness guru Jennie Cwikla has hand-selected the very best gifts for women who love their sport. Jennie owns a women’s gym in San Diego where she coaches women to their full potential. And she’s an international strongman competitor, powerlifter and figure athlete. So she knows what it feels like to be passionately committed to your fitness lifestyle. We asked her to show us how to get the best out of your new workout choice.

Hit The Weight Room

It’s no surprise that weight training will continue to dominate the fitness scene in 2016. We all know how incredible resistance training is for females. It helps with bone density, boosts resting metabolic rate, and creates a leaner physique and sexy silhouette. “As an international strongwoman athlete, powerlifter and former Figure athlete, I never tire of telling women about the benefits of weight training!” says Jennie. “Every women who trains with me gets introduced to the weights room in some way. I would really urge you to try at least the basic, compound weight training movements this year: some form of squat, a pulling movement like deadlift or row, and a push movement like bench press or overhead press. My mission in life is to get every woman to fall in love with weights! Make it easier on your hands by getting ahold of a great set of gloves. Make sure they’re designed for women’s hands.”

Harbinger Women’s flexfit gloves were specifically created for female hands and have received plenty of feedback along the way from athletes, coaches and female lifters. They flex naturally with your grip, contour to your palm and thumb, and cushion key stress points during your lifts.

 GetMovingin2016MustHaveKitForThisYearsHottestWorkouts.jpg GetMovingin2016MustHaveKitForThisYearsHottestWorkouts.jpg

Get To Grips With Kettlebells

Kettlebells are an ancient form of training but they’re enjoying renewed popularity with women who realize how awesome they are for strength, conditioning, cardio and all-round fitness. “I use kettlebells in my own training and with clients in the gym,” says Jennie. “Technique is crucial, so make sure you ask a qualified coach to show you the basics. One thing I will say is that some kettlebell moves can bruise your wrists and forearms. So it’s a great idea to wear kettlebell arm guards. Then you can power through and complete your workout without discomfort putting you off your rhythm.”

 GetMovingin2016MustHaveKitForThisYearsHottestWorkouts.jpg GetMovingin2016MustHaveKitForThisYearsHottestWorkouts.jpg

HumanX Arm Guards protect your forearms from kettlebell bruising, and can also be used to guard against rope burns from jump rope, or knocks from plyometric work on high boxes. The streamlined design is flexible with padded inserts that are just the right thickness and never interfere with your workout.  They pull on and off easily, wash and dry quickly, and barely take up any room in your kit bag.

Be Agile Like An Athlete

“More and more women want to train like athletes,” observes Jennie, “and it’s easy to see why. Professional athletes like sprinters, track and field athletes and multi-sport athletes have great bodies and an enviable mix of strength, power and cardio fitness. So make 2016 the year you train like and athlete by making sure your workout routine includes resistance work, speed and agility.”

 GetMovingin2016MustHaveKitForThisYearsHottestWorkouts.jpg GetMovingin2016MustHaveKitForThisYearsHottestWorkouts.jpg

The HumanX Jump & Stretch Rope was created so you can boost cardio fitness with ladder work, and then stretch out after to get you on the road to recovery. Use it as a jump rope for fitness, lay it out on the floor as a ladder for agility and coordination, then use it as a stretch tool to ease out hamstrings, calves, quads and back muscles.