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Lindsey Valenzuela's Gift Guide

Christmas is coming and CrossFitters are clamoring for all of the toys on their list! We asked one our favorite Harbinger Ambassadors, Lindsey Valenzuela, her thoughts on the holidays, what's on her list and how she gets through it all without destroying her training program... here's what Lindsey has to say:

For me, the Holidays are a time to celebrate with my family and friends and also celebrate the meaning of the season with my faith!  In between the parties and running around, I find it a great time to reflect back on the past year and think on what's important to me, and how I want to move forward in the coming year.

Favorite Work Out T-Shirt?

Lindsey's B3LV : Lightweight, durable, and no sleeves!

Favorite Training Music?

Rap to country to dub step, anything!

Favorite Weightlifting Belt?

Harbinger Foam Core Belt, the best on the market! 

Favorite Hand Protection?

The Natural Grip by Rogue Fitness!

Favorite Compression Knee Sleeves?

The Compressor High Performance Knee Sleeve by HumanX by Harbinger

Favorite Nutrition Supplement?

The Cytosport Muscle Milk

Favorite Wrist Wraps?

PinkLine Wrist Wraps by HumanX by Harbinger

Favorite Training Shoes?

The Reebok Nanos!

Favorite Weightlifting Shoes?

Reebok Nano Lifters

Enjoy the holiday season and indulge in some comfort food.  Don't go overboard and make sure to keep working out to keep stress levels at a minimum!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Harbinger and cheers to a happy, healthy and super fit 2016!!