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BEST Stocking Stuffers for the Fitness Lover in Your Life!

How To Make Sure Your Christmas Stocking Stuffers Support Your Fitness Lifestyle

How to drop oh-so-subtle hints about Christmas gifts we’d really love without making our significant others feel under pressure? We’ve got the answer. Leave this gift guide open where they’ll see it. That way, they’ll save cash by only getting you the gifts you really want, and you’ll have everything you need to make progress in 2016!

HumanX ambassador and women’s fitness guru Jennie Cwikla has hand-selected the very best gifts for women who love their sport. Jennie owns a women’s gym in San Diego where she coaches women to their full potential. And she’s an international strongman competitor, powerlifter and figure athlete. So she knows what it feels like to be passionately committed to your fitness lifestyle. We asked her to design a gift guide for every activity.

What’s your fitness goal?

You’re a gym newbie

Is 2016 the year you’re committed to getting in the gym regularly? Great, says Jennie. “The gym environment is incredible for people new to exercise. Not only do you have access to all the kit, machine and equipment you need, but you have expert advice on tap. And the community feel of a sociable gym will build your motivation, keeping you going back for more. Before you know it, you’ll be fitter, stronger, and workouts will be an integral part of your week!” Whether you choose to use weight training equipment, head for the cardio machines, or workout with conditioning kit, you’ll need to protect your hands. “Make it easier on your hands by getting ahold of a great set of gloves,” is Jennie’s advice. “Make sure they’re designed for women’s hands.”

Harbinger Women’s FlexFit gloves were specifically created for female hands and have received plenty of feedback along the way from athletes, coaches and female lifters. They flex naturally with your grip, contour to your palm and thumb, and cushion key stress points. They’re a truly versatile glove which can be used for strength training, cycling or rowing.


$22 here!

You love heavy lifting

You already know how incredible resistance training is for the female body. It helps with bone density, boosts resting metabolic rate, and creates a leaner physique and sexy silhouette. “As an international strongwoman athlete, powerlifter and former Figure athlete, I never tire of telling women about the benefits of weight training!” says Jennie. “Every women who trains with me gets introduced to the weights room in some way. If you’ve already been lifting for some time, think about how you can progress your lifts. You could work on weight, tempo, rep range or introduce a form of periodization into your programming. Or maybe you feel ready to enter a strength contest? Use a set of lifting grips to help get your numbers up.”

The Harbinger Lifting Grip is a 3-in-1 training tool for women who want to lift heavy. It’s a lifting strap, hook and palm protector which transfers some of load into the hook whilst giving your fingers full range of motion.

Lifting Grip

$30 here!

You want cardio and conditioning

Cardio is a crucial part of sports, fat loss and living a healthy lifestyle every day. “Most every woman needs to do some form of cardio,” says Jennie, “but traditional methods like running and sprinting don’t suit everyone. The best cardio kit is something which you can use during your regular day to get your heart rate up and challenge the body’s largest muscles without pounding your joints with unnecessary impact. I recommend a weighted vest. It’s easy to put on when you head out for a walk or a hike, or to add extra resistance to bodyweight circuit like push-ups and sit-ups. This vest is my favorite – it goes right up to 20lbs but you can easily remove the weights and take it up or down in 1lb increments.”

The HumanX 20LB Weighted Vest contours to your body whilst you exercise, making it ideal for the female shape. It’s compact and secure, with padded straps and an adjustable belt, unlike some “one size all” weighted vests which can knock against the body as you move.


$120 here!

You’re a runner

“Runners are passionate about their sport,” says Jennie, “but there are times when they can’t – or should’t – head out for a regular run. Cold weather, dark evenings, and dreaded injuries are all reasons to look for other ways to advance your running fitness.” Forget pounding the treadmill. Jennie has a couple far more fun (and effective!) suggestions. “Jumping rope is an awesome addition to your running training,” she says. “Using a speed rope or well-designed jump rope will challenge your cardiovascular fitness, co-ordination, balance and footwork. You’ll really see the difference in your running performance. I recommend this speed rope and “jump and stretch” rope to the female runners and endurance athletes at my gym. The J&S rope can be used for mobility work too which is an important aspect of training which a lot of runners ignore. And they’re both priced just right for a stocking stuffer…start dropping hints now!”

The HumanX X4 Speed Rope has been specifically designed for speed and control so you can get into a rhythm with a smooth, fast swing. The ergonomic handles feel great and the rope has just the right amount of weight to it, giving your arms and shoulders a workout as you jump.


$25 here!

The HumanX Jump & Stretch Rope was created so you can boost cardio fitness with ladder work, and then stretch out after to get you on the road to recovery. Use it as a jump rope for fitness, lay it out on the floor as a ladder for agility and coordination, then use it as a stretch tool to ease out hamstrings, calves, quads and back muscles.

7333804 Jump and Stretch Rope-lo

$15 here!
You travel or work out at home

“Lots of women I coach ask me how to keep their workout routine going when they’re travelling for work or vacation,” says Jennie, “and plenty of women work out at home either between gym sessions, or out of preference. The good news is that there’s absolutely no reason to slack off when you need to work out from your home or a hotel room. There’s plenty you can do, in fact I really enjoy rising to the challenge of designing a badass bodyweight workout which hits the whole body and burns calories! I never travel without these PowerAmp Cables, they’re light and easy to pack, and great to keep at home too. Add the door jamb attachment and you have even more options. They transform even the smallest space into your very own gym floor. I’d be stoked to get these in my stocking this Christmas!”


HumanX PowerAmp cables (available in 10lb, 20lb, 30lb and 40lb resistance levels) are make from tubing which lasts three times longer than standard workout cables. Use them for resistance work to target specific muscles, or add them to bodyweight movements and plyometric work to make each exercise more effective. Target every muscle in the body and create a cardiovascular workout with just two things: your own body, and a PowerAmp cable.

Flexfast cables

$15-$18 here!

Enjoy your holidays, and happy shopping!