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The holidays are here and we all need that extra push to work off that Turkey. Our kickass Ambassador Scott Thom is no stranger to fitness and pushing his clients from HealthQuest to the limits! Boost that burn with his killer metabolic finishers!

Scott Thom

I first started using metabolic finishers in 2005 with my clients at HealthQuest Fitness Center in Napa, California and my basketball players at Vintage High. They were great for both groups. For my clients it allowed us to maximize the one hour training session, finishing it off with a bang of metabolic mayhem. For my basketball players it allowed them to attack a challenge together helping to build team chemistry, as well as improve on their mental toughness.

Due to the nature and intensity of metabolic finishers it is important to use them wisely. Be selective in which finishers you use and when. If you just finished an intense leg workout it doesn’t make sense to perform a metabolic finisher which is lower body dominant. Instead, choose a finisher which incorporates more upper body work. I know this seems rudimentary, but you will be surprised how many personal trainers and coaches tend to think, “more is always better” and if their client isn’t throwing up at the end of a workout, then it wasn’t a great workout. This thought process will lead to injury, poor performance, and is the epitome of mistaking activity for achievement.

I like to have a game plan leading up to the five days before Thanksgiving. This amazing day of football and culinary treats, showcasing your Mothers sweet potato pie, and secret family recipes will only lead to L-Tryptophan induced power naps if you don’t have a fitness game plan. These metabolic finishers vary in how they are completed, but what you can consistently count on is expending energy, so get your mind right and have fun!



Day 1

Complete one round.

100 Jump rope

5 Sit-ups

80 Jump rope

10 Sit-ups

60 Jump rope

15 Sit-ups

40 Jump rope

20 Sit-ups

20 Jump rope

*Equipment Needed: HumanX Speed Rope, HumanX AbMat


Day 2

See how many rounds you can complete in 10 minutes.

9 Reverse crunches

image (1)

6 Glute Taps

image (4)

3 Burpees

image (3)


Day 3

Complete 5 rounds.

5 MB sit-up throw-downs

image (2)

10 Push-ups

image (5)

*Equipment Needed: Harbinger Mat, Medicine Ball


Day 4

Complete four rounds.

*You have ascending rest periods: 45 seconds/60 seconds/1.20 seconds.

10 Up-downs

image (6)

15 Seal jacks

image (7)

20 Bodyweight squats

image (10)

Rest and repeat.

Day 5

“The Godfather”

Complete one round.

10 Push-ups

10 Jumping jacks

image (8)

9 Push-ups

9 Jumping jacks

8 Push-ups

8 Jumping jacks

7 Push-ups

7 Jumping jacks

6 Push-ups

6 Jumping jacks

5 Push-ups

5 Jumping jacks

4 Push-ups

4 Jumping jacks

3 Push-ups

3 Jumping jacks

2 Push-ups

2 Jumping jacks

1 Push-ups

1 Jumping jacks

Thanks for viewing! Create a great day, and Go Cougs!