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Top 3 Core Exercises


Check out these CORE CRUSHERS with our ambassador Scott Thom.

One of my favorite ways to finish off a great workout is with a killer core exercise. These are my top 3 partner core exercises that I like to use in my own training, with my basketball players at WSU, and my clients at HealthQuest Fitness Center.

Choose one of these to use at the end of your next workout and you and your workout partner will definitely feel it! Just a friendly reminder, anytime you add new exercises to your routine, you will be sore. Be smart about how much volume you do initially, start off around 1-2 sets for 8-10 reps and as the weeks progress add more sets and reps.

What makes these exercises more demanding than the run of the mill crunch is the way they train your core. Slow and steady wins the race with these 3 Killer Partner Exercises!


Partner Dow

The Partner Dow is an eccentric exercise which means you are resisting on the decent portion of the range of motion. Your body is much stronger eccentrically than concentrically which, is a conversation in itself. Basically, doing eccentric exercises will make you really sore, but are a great way to improve strength levels faster due to the muscle recruitment demands put on the body. 


Egg Rolls

The Egg Roll and Partner Bench Plank are isometric exercises, meaning you are hold a position through the duration of the exercise.


Partner Bench Plank


original_beb8cad4be3c009f9c71d716ababdf6eAmbassador Scott Thom is in his first season at the lead strength coach for Men’s Basketball at Washington State University. He just left UC Berkeley after 5 years as the head strength and conditioning coach for men’s basketball. Thom recently completed his second off-season training program where he continues to develop a positive, and learning conducive training atmosphere with a “get after it” mentality. Contact Scott.