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Welcome Athlete Lindsey Valenzuela to the HumanX Team!


July is a big month for HumanX as we prep new products for launch at the CrossFit Games next week …. and introduce pro CrossFitter Lindsey Valenzuela as our newest Brand Ambassador.

As an accomplished Olympic lifter and elite level CrossFit competitor, Lindsey is known as a fearsome competitor, scary strong with explosive power and insane determination and integrity.  When we first started talking about a possible partnership,  we knew it was a good fit. For all of her accomplishments and continuous competitive drive, Lindsey is a genuinely down-to-earth, humble individual who prioritizes family and friends, and gains strength from unwavering belief in her ability to turn dreams in to reality.  Watch Lindsey tell it in her own words..



For HumanX by Harbinger, Lindsey’s accomplishments are only part of the package. She is truly “the peoples’ champion” – generous, personable and the embodiment of strength and power. These are the primary qualities we look for to best represent the HumanX and Harbinger brands.

“I discovered Olympic weightlifting while playing collegiate volleyball. I used the lifts as my off-season strength program. I became a competitive Olympic weightlifter and through that, discovered the sport of CrossFit,” says Lindsey. “I now use CrossFit to satisfy my competitive spirit, and am very thankful to be an elite athlete partnering with companies like HumanX by Harbinger.  The motto I swear by is simple, BELIEVE and that’s what I’m taking to the CrossFit Games next week!”

Lindsey trains at DogTown CrossFit in Culver City, CA. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter