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Powerlifting Tips from Harbinger Crew


No one knows powerlifting better than the Harbinger Ambassadors. Whether you’re male or female, beginner or expert, our Ambassadors share their tips, tricks, and common mistakes.




Abby Knowles 

Tip #1: Use your legs when you bench! Seriously, the more you drive your feet/legs into the floor the more stable you are and strength you have in your upper body!

Tip #2: I started powerlifting to improve my CrossFit game and learned this: create torque! This is the part when a coach says, “Imagine your feet are on plates and twist your feet into the floor.” I think of screwing my hips into place. It takes some time getting comfortable with how it feels so begin by doing with just an air squat. It also helps to watch others, particularly powerlifters (I recommend watching Laura Phelps Sweatt) to see what this looks like.




Roger Lockridge

Tip #1: For beginners – don’t think so much about the weight. I know powerlifting is about how much weight you can use but it’s also about how you lift it. Incorrect form is the equivalent of a bad lift and it can also lead to injury and no one lifts serious weight from sitting on the couch because he or she is hurt. Master the form before you start adding plates. If you get your form right, the weight will come. If you try to lift big weight without knowing how to do it, you get nowhere fast.

Tip #2: For intermediate level lifters – recovery is just as important as the training itself when it comes to powerlifting. That means having a “decompression” week after your meet where you take a few days off or train with less weight for less sets and focus on resting. This helps the muscle fibers rebuild so you can attack the weight again and gain strength while prepping for your next meet or max attempts. Going heavy at all times doesn’t allow for recovery and makes you more susceptible to injuries. It might seem like a waste of time but it’s just as important as the serious power training is before the big day.




Kasey Areana

Incorporating some powerlifiting into your weekly routine will definitely improve your overall fitness level. Start with working on form in a lower weight range before amping up your plates on each side. Having proper form is key to improvement and reduce risk of injury!