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Mothers Day Gift Guide: For Moms Who Lift


Mother’s Day is a time to thank your wonderful mom for all that she does! Still looking for that perfect last-minute gift for your fit mom? Check out what our Harbinger Ambassadors recommend as the ultimate gift guide for those moms who lift!



PowerAmp xXx FlexFast Cables $16.00

Rodger Lockridge – Harbinger Ambassador Rodger is a  Hardgainer Success Story, Award Winning Fitness Writer for Bodybuilding.com, Iron Man Magazine and Labrada Nutrition. Learn more about Rodger.



360122 PowerAmp xXx FlexFast Cable - 20LB2 Rodger – “Moms have to take advantage of free time whenever possible because they have so little of it so I recommend resistance bands for those days she can’t make it to the gym. The convenience of having them along with the quality of Harbinger makes for an awesome combination for busy moms everywhere.”







HumanX Ketllebell Arm Guards $20.00 

Julie Carlson – Harbinger/HX Ambassador and Nutritionist-  Julie is a strength coach and an big supporter of healthy living! Learn more about Julie. 

7336208 Kettlebell Arm Guards purple

Julie – “Some of the ladies at OPEX and I love using the kettle bell wrist guards. They are functional and have a fun pop of color. Plus they’re great for wiping sweat off with too!”









Harbinger Balance Trainer $25.00

Heidi Kumm- Harbinger/HX Ambassador Heidi is an avid runner and strength trainer who enjoys cross-training activities like hiking, rock climbing, snowboarding and all things mountain! Learn more about Heidi.




NEW 364060 Balance Trainer top Heidi – “I do love the balance trainer! I use it for strengthening my stabilizer muscles in my ankles and calves. The best part about it is how easy it is to use it while watching TV or working at my stand-up desk — I just swap between legs during commercial breaks or when my phone buzzes that my time is up.”







Harbinger Pink Line Wrist Wraps $15.00 and Women’s Foam Core Belt $22.00

Jesse Huerta – Harbinger Ambassador Jesse is a NPC Men’s Physique Competitor and a male model that has graced the cover of magazines, published in print, fitness, music magazines, and comic books. Learn more about Jesse.



70232 Women's 5in Foam Core Belt21307 Womens Padded Cotton Lifting Straps(2)

Jesse – “You can never go wrong with the Harbinger pink lifting straps and weight belt. I see almost all the women in my gym, including my girlfriend, using these products simply because they offer great support and the colors add nice variety. “