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5 Yoga Poses for Lifters


By Ambassador Courtney Norman.




Ever wonder how you can incorporate yoga into your routine? These moves will help you feel stronger and lift longer!


Today in the world of fitness it is far too easy to find people devoted to one style of workout. In a world of single exclusivity to a certain style of fitness we all too often miss the benefits that including a wider variety of training can bring. Having good flexibility and mobility is important to those of use who work in the world of CrossFit and Weightlifting. If we were so focused on just our sport we could miss out the benefits that incorporating yoga could have on our lifting. Here are 5 easy yoga poses that are good for lifters.


Lizard Pose



This pose opens up the hips, groin, hamstrings, and hip flexors. This would translate well to your squats. It also helps open and release the chest, shoulders, and neck. It is a great hip open before heading into a deep hip stretch like Pigeon.


Pigeon Pose



Pigeon opens your hip flexors and groin muscles, as well as your hip rotator muscles. If you want good mobility in your squat it is important to spend adequate time working your hips. Be sure to do this pose on both sides.


Hand to Toe Pose



This is a great pose for balance and flexibility. Having good balance and a stable core helps you with your stability in all your lifts. This pose stretches the hamstrings and hips and also helps strengthen back and arm muscles. I find it a great exercise to do to help you engage mentally. If you aren’t focused on what you are doing it is easy to crumble in this pose, which is similar to lifting.

You may not have the range of motion to go right into this lift, you can use the Jump and Stretch Rope as a yoga strap to help you get a good stretch for your range of motion. See image below.



Happy Baby



This is probably one of my favorite poses. It looks silly, but it has worked wonders for my hips. It opens and stretches the hips and inner groins. It helps strengthen the arms and shoulders. All this translates to a better bottom position in my Olympic lifts.


Hero Pose



This is a pose I’m still working at mastering. I find from all the lifting I do I am pretty tight in my legs. I’ve also noticed that a lack of mobility in my ankles affects all my lifts. This pose stretches the thighs, knees, and ankles. It also strengthens the ankles and arches of the feet.


If you work in these 5 poses into your stretching you will reap the benefits in your lifting!



Courtney Norman is a Harbinger Ambassador and comes from an extensive background as lifting guru, CrossFit coach and gym owner. Whether it is to lose weight or gain muscle, Courtney is your go to girl! Follow or contact Courtney.