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How do Strongman Competitors warm up?




Harbinger & HumanX by Harbinger Ambassador Jennie Cwikla was one of just two U.S. women to qualify to compete in the World’s Strongest Woman competition in 2013.


Jennie’s an expert–to say the least– and recognizes the importance of taking care of your muscles by thoroughly warming up before powerlifting. She’s shared her personal regimen for warming up my muscles and prepping them for safe and heavy lifting, the one she uses for every single training session and contest.


The Warm Up

  • Body weight Squats x 25
  • Squat jumps x 20
  • Good mornings x 15
  • One arm rows x 15
  • Banded Push ups x 10
  • Squats with cable x 10
  • Overhead press x 10
  • Total body foam rolling


Watch the video for tips on form and how to use the HumanX by Harbinger Power Amp xXX FlexFast Cable and the Harbinger 18″ Body Roller in your warm up: