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Staying Motivated to Stay Fit During Pregnancy


By Harbinger Ambassador Cassie Garcia

When your normally fit body now has a stomach the size (and weight) of a bowling ball, it takes a LOT more energy to perform simple day-to-day tasks, not to mention stick to a workout routine. To care for the growing baby alone, your body is producing more blood, your heart rate is higher than usual, and your metabolism is burning energy constantly.

With all the elements of pregnancy eating up your energy, it can seem impossible to stick to a regular workout routine, but you’ll regret it if you don’t.

This is when mind power comes in.

Being pregnant, I can’t have that pre-workout or coffee anymore (bye-bye caffeine rush). What I do have? Women who were training prior to pregnancy already have a strong a mindset and they are training for a reason: there are a billion reasons why we chose to train and it’s important to keep those goals, even if you have to adjust them for the time being.

For example, the goal, “to be more fit,” can be adjusted to, “stay fit,” during pregnancy. It’s obvious that we would have to change the competing goal during pregnancy (even though some–myself included–still compete in early pregnancy). Your former goals can still be there for you to accomplish afterwards. Despite your swollen ankles and sleepless nights, here are five reasons I give myself to stay motivated to keep working out through my pregnancy:


Stay motivated for…

1. Yourself – Don’t “let yourself go.” Gain the proper weight that’s healthy for you and the baby. Remember you want to get back into shape after the baby and it will be easier if you continue your training/activities during pregnancy. Plus, some say working out during pregnancy will make the delivery easier.

2. Your baby boy or girl– Provide them with the stimulus & proper nutrition they need. The baby can’t be healthy if you’re not.

3. Your spouse – If you can stay motivated during pregnancy, your spouse is more likely  to start a workout routine or keep on top of an existing training schedule.

4. Those that surround you day in and day out – Like your spouse, if they see you working hard to stay healthy & fit during pregnancy, this can motivate them to push that much harder or may motivate them for their future expecting days.

5. Those look up to you – you may not even think or know there is someone that looks up to you but I am sure there is. Whether it’s a follower on Instagram, a close friend or coworker, you never know who you’re setting an example for.