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The Whats What of Straps, Wraps, Gloves & Grips


Harbinger Ambassador Scott Thom knows lifting. He’s currently the head strength coach for Men’s Basketball at Washington State University, following a five year stint as the head strength and conditioning coach for UC Berkley’s Men’s Basketball team. Here’s Thom’s take on which gloves, grips, wraps, and straps and when to use them:

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There’s nothing more frustrating than your hands ripping, bleeding on the bar, or you, hunched in the corner creating makeshift bandages out of athletic tape. Just as annoying is crushing a lift, midway realizing the humidity in the air and the sweat in your palms has the bar slipping out of your hands, stealing rep after rep from you. Dang you, Mother Nature!

When you first think of workout gloves, your mind might flash to big bulky gloves worn by the old timers in the gym, your Pops wailing on bench press in the garage, or that guy doing bicep curls in the squat rack, yah… that guy. The reality is gloves made nowadays will fit any personal preference of workout regimes.

If you’re a kip-swinging, burpee-slamming, work-capacity-junky, there’s a glove for you.

If you’re a deficit-dead lifting, yoke-carrying, axle-pressing, type of lifter, there’s a glove for you, too.

If you’re a snatch-jamming, clean-smashing, “grip it and rip it” lifter, yup, you have a glove that was made for you.

Even if, you’re an elliptical-rolling, recumbent-bike-lounging, fist-pumping-at-the-water-cooler-with-a-cool-head-nod, there’s even a glove for you!

Here’s a quick list of gloves/straps to workout types that I’ve used and have had great results: no slipping, no tearing, nothing but great workouts and great results, using great products.


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Palm (Pull-Up) Grips

Great for high volume pull-ups or other pulling movements from the ground, the HumanX by Harbinger Palm (recently renamed “Pull-Up”) Grips are easy to use, and even easier to adjust out of the way as you move onto another exercise in your timed circuit.

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X3 Competition Open Finger Gloves

I’ve found these gloves to be great for my high metabolic workouts, you can get after your jump rope, then grab the heavy rope, then drop into a set of push-ups with no sense of wearing gloves, you can crush your workout without worrying about callouses ripping off! Check out both the Men’s and Women’s versions.


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Redline Wrist Wraps

These wraps are great for added support when performing big pressing movements like the axle press or variations of bench work you might be doing to improve your PR. This could involve negatives board bench in which you are actually working with weight that is heavier than your max, making added support a definite plus.

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Redline Knee Wraps

Whether you are going for a PR in back squats or just hitting heavy triples on deads, these knee wraps are easy to use and give you added support when you need it most!



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Harbinger Wrist Stabilizers

Are great for all your overhead Olympic lift movements, extra wrist stability while performing a full snatch, or the jerk portion of a clean and jerk is always a plus. Check out the details here.


Training Grip® WristWrap

Training Grip® WristWrap lifting straps are a great tool to use when you are performing clean pulls, snatch pulls, and auxiliary work like high pulls. In these exercises you are usually working past your max and your grip usually gives out before your technique and big movers do. These straps help you complete the training reps need to improve your PR down the road.


I hope this information helps you with your training and helps you chase those PR’s you have set for yourself, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them!