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Do I need a belt?


One thing I have noticed in the fitness community is this: the better the athlete, the more skilled and knowledgeable they are in the Olympic lifts.

As a coach I get people who ask me, when doing these lifts, if they should look into getting a weightlifting belt. I recommend they look into it only when they already have great form and technique. That is, a belt won’t lift the weight for you or give you better form but it may help you become more stable and bring you out of the hole better.

Best for Mobility

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If you feel or have been thinking about whether a belt is right for you, a good transition belt is the HumanX by Harbinger 5” Foam Core belts. It’s a great belt to use when you need lots of mobility because you can adjust it on the fly, quickly between movements and it’s not big and bulky to restrict your movements. It also works great for that extra time you put in doing strength work and practicing your clean and jerks or HIIT.


Best for Heavy Lifting 

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The Harbinger 6″ Padded Leather Belt is more rigid than the CoreFlex, but without sacrificing comfort. Since it’s padded leather the whole way through, it has less flex than lighter weight options, and has offers more rigid stability. The larger belt holds you in proper position and posture.


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