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Run Smart, Compete, & NPGL: Looking Forward in 2015


‘Tis the season for packed-to-the-brim-gyms, new workout routines, eating well, and to look back on the past year and the one ahead.

We asked our Ambassadors to reflect upon their best achievements of 2014 & share their goals for 2015, here’s what they said:



Heidi Kumm

I am most proud of my 100 mile finish. My peak weeks of training were spent off my feet nursing an injury and I was only cleared to run ~10 days before the race. Thanks to a supportive crew + pacers I started…and finished my first 100 mile race, even though I spent 6 weeks pre-race holding down a couch rather than running trails. I am ridiculously proud of the fact that I kept my head on straight and never let myself want to quit the race. I did finish the race with a new injury [unrelated to my previous injury] and I am also really proud of myself for legitimately recovering after the race. Rather than push myself to run again I truly relaxed and let my body heal. All of this gave me a lot of perspective and I learned a few lessons that will come in very handy in 2015.

My biggest goal for 2015 is to run smart. Take time off when I need it, address niggles before they come issues and reign in my stubborn streak during training. I have registered for my goal race [Arizona 200Mile] and while training hasn’t officially started I am doing what I can to find a balance between cross training and trail running. I know that will be one of my biggest challenges so I want to find what works before I hit 80+-mile weeks.



Screen shot 2015-01-07 at 8.53.28 AM
Scott Thom

As for Life, I’m most proud of getting married to my beautiful Wife and amazing partner in Life this past summer. As for career, being hired on as the head strength coach at Washington State University after 4 successful years coaching at University California Berkeley.

My goals for 2015 are to help bring Washington States basketball program up the ranks in the PAC-12. It’s a challenge that is exciting and will be done with a relentless work ethic, a positive mindset, confidence in my craft, and the relationships I will build to help the environment here at WSU!




Courtney Norman

For 2014, I’m proud of winning the USSF Missouri State Weightlifting Meet! My goals for 2015: 1) Finish my Precision Nutrition Certification 2) Enter another weightlifting competition 3) Get stronger!



Valerie Calhoun 

During the 2014 year, I’m most proud to have competed in the CrossFit Games with my team for our 4th year together, as well as been apart of the National Pro Grid League during its very first season. Having the amazing opportunities to train with others who inspire me is something I am so grateful for!

Some goals and resolutions for myself for this upcoming year, are to be open and accepting to new changes that may come my way. I also aim to do my very best in any upcoming competitions in both Crossfit and Season 2 of the National Pro Grid League. Here’s to 2015!



Roger Lockridge 

It’s hard to peg one because this has been a good year for me but if I’m picking one, being a Harbinger Ambassador is a good one. As someone who genuinely used the brand for years, it’s awesome to serve as a representative for Harbinger/HumanX Gear.

For 2015 goals, I’m going to work to be in my absolute best physical condition and begin working to make the cover of a magazine.
Richard Aceves

I am most proud of my company being successful and growing. Starting a coorporate wellness center this year was a huge undertaking for my partner and I, but we managed to do so and still be able to have a little free time to train hard and lead by example to all my members.

Alright, let’s hear ’em! We want to know what your New Year resolutions are. Let us know in the comments or send us a tweet: @HarbingerFit @HumanXgear.