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PowerAmp™ xXx FlexFast™ Cable – 20LB

Style#: 360122
Available Colors:

Product Information

  • For total body toning and gains in strength and endurance
  • PowerAmp™ xXx tubing lasts 3x’s longer than standard cables
  • Exclusive FlexFast™ handles secure more comfortably around wrist
  • Ergonomically designed cable connector provides multi-position grip
  • Heavy duty door jamb attachment increases exercise options
  • Lightweight and portable latex-free tubing

Care Instructions

These cables are not designed to go in water. 

Read Before Using

Harbinger Product Safety Notice

  1. This training equipment is not a toy. Always keep away from children.
  2. Never stretch PowerAmp™ xXx cable more than 3X its resting length.
  3. Never align stretched PowerAmp™ xXx cable with face or other exposed or sensitive parts of the body.
  4. Always inspect PowerAmp™ xXx cable before use for damage including: cracks, tears, discoloration or other signs of damage or wear.
  5. Never use a damaged PowerAmp™ xXx cable.
  6. Do not affix PowerAmp™ xXx cable to stationary objects or attempt to shorten cable length.
  7. Do not use in water as PowerAmp™ xXx cables are not designed for water based exercise.
  8. Woven nylon door jamb device is for insertion into the door jamb only. Do not use with or attach to any training equipment or other object other than a door jamb as instructed.
  9. Always keep PowerAmp™ xXx cable away from sources of heat or cold especially when storing or not in use.
  10. Do not wear exposed sharp objects such as footwear with metal spikes or cleats when using, as they may catch on PowerAmp™ xXx cable and cause damage to the PowerAmp™ xXx cable which could result in failure and injury.
  11. Always consult a physician before beginning any exercise program.

Harbinger assumes no liability for accidents, injury or damages that may occur while using this product. The user assumes all liability and uses this product at his/her own risk.

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