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Women’s WristWrap Bag Gloves

Style#: 322
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Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

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Product Information

  • For kick-boxing, martial arts and bag work
  • Designed specifically for women
  • Fully adjustable graduated leather WristWrap provides maximum support and flexibility
  • NoSweat™ lining wicks away moisture to keep hands dry
  • Ultra-light foam protects with minimum bulk
  • Hinged thumb allows full range of motion and positions thumb next to fist
  • Fully-padded open finger design maximizes protection
  • Cushioned palm absorbs shock

Care Instructions

Sometimes your bag gloves may need a little TLC so feel free to wipe these gloves down with a damp cloth. You do not want to immerse these gloves in water because all the padding that is protecting your hands will not be able to dry out effectively. If these gloves get a little smelly you can use an odor-reducing spray to freshen them up a bit. If you sweat a lot it is best to allow these gloves to FULLY dry between uses.

Reviewed by 3 customers

  1. Ed Melaugh says:

    All my women kickboxing students love these gloves, they like the wrist support, colors, the hand protection, they don’t smell and the gloves wears well.
    Ed Melaugh
    New England Small Circle Jujitsu and Fitness Kickboxing

  2. Joanna says:

    I’ve owned the same pair for 5 years and they’re still good. They do eventually smell but it takes a long time to reach that point. And you can machine wash them so they’re good as new after that. Optimal wrist support and great protection for the entire hand overall. Palm cushion is very comfortable and allows for good form. Also ideal for our classes that incorporate calisthenics because you don’t have to take them off when getting on the ground. I recommend them to everyone at my gym.
    -CKO Kickboxing Linden

  3. Kim W says:

    I love my gloves, and they seem perfectly contoured to my small hands. Perfect amount of padding in all areas that need it. The wrist support is great too. I wholeheartedly recommend these gloves!

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