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BioForm™ WristWrap

Style#: 1310
Available Colors:
Available Sizes: S-XXL

Product Information

    • Strategically-placed new tech BioForm™ pads softens with body heat, molding to hand and bar
    • Prevents calluses and blisters – so you can lift heavier, harder and longer
    • Patent-pending BioForm™ and BioFlex™ technology in world’s premier weight training glove
    • Fully adjustable wrist support and smooth palm system
    • Precurved extended length positions and protects fingers
    • Patent-pending layered palm design eliminates bulk and enhances comfort. Acts like a second skin, moving with grip so you can lift stronger, better, longer.
    • Exclusive tactified leather palm grabs bar for ultimate grip control and power.

Care Instructions

If you don’t like the feel of salty, stiff workout gloves, these gloves can be washed by hand. Just lather them up with a mild soap, like hand soap or dish soap and then rinse thoroughly in cool water.  Lay them down on a towel and place another towel on top – pat them down to get as much water out as possible without wringing them. Let them air dry by either laying them flat or hanging them up to dry. Make sure they are NOT in direct sunlight. UV rays can damage the gloves. Wash as often as you want. It is best to allow all weight training gloves to FULLY dry between uses.

Reviewed by 54 customers

  1. RK says:

    These Bioform gloves as well as Training Grip gloves (both with wristwrap) seem perfect. Can decide between them. Although I assume that both are very good then what would you recommend. I usually prefer thicker gloves to protect the skin.


    • mriley says:

      The BioForm WristWrap gloves have clay pads that soften with body heat forming to your hand and bar. The WristWrap is leather. The palm has three layers that are designed to move with the natural motion of the hand and have FitLock which helps tension the palm of the glove and lock the WristWrap in place.
      The Training Grip WristWrap gloves have TechGel pads that offer great padding, but are not designed to soften, although they will form to your palm and thumb. The WristWrap is a mito-buck (wetsuit like material).

  2. Leonardo Oliveira says:

    Please, is it a new or an old model?

    • mriley says:

      This is a new glove, just available as of September 1, 2013.

  3. W says:

    I would really like to buy this product but i live in Holland. How can i purchase these gloves?

    • mriley says:

      You can try contacting our distributor in the Netherlands. Thank you.

      Transformatorhof 20, Hengelo, 7559 PJ Netherlands

  4. kevin says:

    I would really like to buy this product but i live in Luxembourg. How can i purchase these gloves?

    • mriley says:

      You can contact our distributor who covers Luxembourg to find more information on where to purchase. Thank you.


  5. Rafael Carvalho says:

    I would really like to buy this product but i live in Brazil. How can i purchase these gloves?

    • mriley says:

      You can contact our distributor in Brazil for information to purchase in your area. Thank you.

      Av Frenando Arens 600, Jundiai-SP, CEP: 13202-570 Brazil

  6. Jürgen Jakobs says:

    I want to buy this product in germany, there is no website with this product. Can you give me a contact adress?

    BR J.J.

    • mriley says:

      Please contact our German distributor for more information about finding this glove in your area. Thank you.

      Sports “”N”” Wear
      Ackerstrasse 198, Dusseldorf, 40235 Germany

  7. shu says:

    How can I purchase this one in Taiwan ?

    I had bought one last year on Internet but i cant find out any way to purchase in ur website

  8. Wanxuan says:

    I live in Singapore and i would like to know where can i purchase this gloves from ?

  9. Jared Soberano says:

    I would really like to buy this product, is it available in the Philippines?

  10. DIMITRIS says:

    I would really like to buy this product but i live in Cyprus. How can i purchase these gloves ?
    i asked the distributor in Cyprus and they don’t have them !
    how else can i purchase them ?
    thank u

  11. Ganesh says:

    I would really like to buy this product, is it available in the India?

  12. Javed says:

    Where do you find these in Canada, Mississauga, On ? (InStock). I tried couple of sport check and they do not have the 1310.

  13. Syakir Bin Abd Karim says:

    The BioForm gloves are excellent in terms of performance, feature and comfort. not to mention it looks great as well. How often do you need to was the bioform wirst wrap gloves?

    • mriley says:

      The gloves can be washed as often as you like. Please remember to wash by hand in cold water with a mild soap. Rinse thoroughly, getting as much water out as possible. Pressing them between 2 towels works well. Then air dry by laying flat or hang drying. Thank you.

  14. Yann Philippe says:

    Hi.. i was wondering if Harbinger would make a Full-Fingered glove version? Other than exceptional performance issue, full finger version would incorporate hygiene (considering some gyms have old, rusty, dusty and dirty equipments like weights, barbel and dumbbel bars). Thank you

    • mriley says:

      Thank you for your question. We have introduced a full-finger glove in our functional training line, the X3 Competition Full-Finger Gloves with or without WristWraps. You can find them on our HumanX site.

  15. Turbo says:

    Where can I purchase these in UK from ?

  16. FERNANDO says:

    Might you please tell me the supplier Spain

  17. Eden G says:

    i have the Harbinger 1250 gloves and i need to buy new ones, my dilemma is between 1310 BioForm and 1340 BioFlex, which has more cushion? i want the glove to soften the feel of the weights in my hand (cushioned as possible) in addition, i saw that these gloves has 3/4 fingers which attracted me, because the 1250 has 1/2 fingers

    • mriley says:

      Eden – Thank you for the question. All the gloves listed above have the 3/4 length fingers. You will find the most padding in the 1310 BioForm gloves, which have new tech BioForm padding that softens with body heat and molds to your grip. The 1340 BioFlex Gloves do not have added padding, but rather are designed with a Close Contact palm which really helps you feel the bar.

  18. amit says:

    sir where will i get this gloves in inda?

  19. bryan says:

    how to buy in philippines ?

    • mriley says:

      Bryan – please contact our distributor in the Philippines. Thank you.
      245 P Tuazon Blvd, Executive Floor Fersal Bldg, Cubo Quezon City, 1109 Philippines

  20. Jeff says:

    Do you have these gloves available anywhere in an extra small for women? It is on your sizing chart, yet I can’t find them anywhere in America.

    • mriley says:

      This glove is only available in male/unisex sizing down to a small. I’m sorry we do not make an XS women’s version.

  21. Eden G says:

    i’m having a dilemma rather to buy harbinger 1310 or harbinger 1340.
    what are the main differences between them???

    • mriley says:

      The main difference in the two gloves is the BioForm (1310) has a clay padding that will offer the maximum in glove padding. The BioFlex (1340) has no padding. Both gloves offer the same type of WristWrap with FitLock, BiFlex layered stretch, exclusive SpiderGrip leahter, and precurved extended finger length.

  22. Churran says:

    I live in America. Where can I order a pair?

  23. Ameya says:

    i want to buy This Gloves But its unavailable at ur distributor (Paradise Nutrition) in India, buy when will it be available

  24. OZshopper says:

    I own a pair of women’s leather gloves without the wrist support in size Women’s M. The pair lasted for years but now I need one with wrist support. Measurement of the palm is teeny tiny bit over 7inches. Would size S be a good fit? Measurement from top of middle finger to wrist also is the same. In addition, I would like to know whether the fingers will fit where the bends are supposed to be on women’s hands. It’s a steep price for lifting gloves but if the fit is right, I trust Harbinger’s quality. Thank you.

    • mriley says:

      Thank you for your question. If you fit a Women’s M in Harbinger gloves then yes, a Men’s size S should fit no problem.
      As for finger length, these are designed for a man’s hand and everyone has different lengths of fingers, so it is impossible for me to tell you if it will fit at the bend of your fingers.
      Thank you.

  25. ERICK says:

    Vivo en México. ¿Dónde puedo podria adquirirlos?

    • mriley says:

      You can contact our distributor in Mexico:

  26. chianto says:

    Where I can buy this product? I live in jakarta indonesia.. thanks. Please email me.

    • mriley says:

      Chianto – thank you for your question. Please contact our distributor in Indonesia.
      Indonesian Bazaar # 4.16, JL Jendral Gatot Subruto, Jakarta, 10270 Indonesia

  27. Wisnu says:

    I would really like to buy this product, is it available in the Indonesia?
    Do harbinger shipping to indonesia?

    • mriley says:

      Wisnu – you can contact our distributor in Indonesia about finding that glove in your area.
      Primafit Fitnesss Solutions
      Indonesian Bazaar # 4.16, JL Jendral Gatot Subruto, Jakarta, 10270 Indonesia

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