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25 years… hundreds of sales trips…..thousands of workouts and product discussions ….

Harbinger is  no longer packed in my garage and there’s a lot more than WristWrap® gloves on the wall.  Yet as much as things change, some stay the same — namely, our commitment to making a difference in your workout.


In 1988, Lee Haney was the inspiration behind our first line of workout gear and helped promote Harbinger to bodybuilders.  With that as our foundation, we continued to develop performance products and expanded in to balance, core and resistance exercise, and our latest category: functional training.


My kids got involved with CrossFit several years ago, and showed me how Harbinger weightlifting gear was being used in their boxes.  At about the same time, the broader Functional Training category (including HIIT, Boot Camp and the like) began hitting the mainstream in club programming and group exercise, signaling an industry-wide shift from static weightlifting and stand-alone exercise, to dynamic, intense, mixed muscle training. We saw the opportunity to create specialized gear to meet these new, specific needs, and launched HumanX by Harbinger.  HumanX represents “Human to the power of X” and one’s ability to harness your body’s power to enhance your workout.


Whether its Harbinger, or HumanX by Harbinger, we owe our success to people like you…people who understand the importance of using the best gear to reach performance goals.  If you have anything you’d like to share – comments, criticism, ideas– please send them on. You can be sure I read all customer email!
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Harbinger Featured in Club Business International – February 2012