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Harbinger & HumanX ambassador, weight lifter, and fitness writer, Roger “ROCK” Lockridge gave us the inside scoop on everything from how he got his start in the fitness industry to what pump-up tunes accompany him in his workouts. Roger is involved in Child Abuse and Domestic Violence awareness and writes professionally for Stack.com and BodyBuilding.com, find links to some of his articles below his spotlight.


Then and now, how Roger has changed since 17.

Then and now, how Roger has changed since 17.


How I got started with weightlifting:

It was 1999 and I just watched Body of Work from Bill Phillips. I signed up at a gym a couple of days later. I was 17, 125 pounds and a senior in high school. After my first workout, I’ve been hooked ever since.

What motivates me:

When I first started it was about getting bigger, stronger, and wanting to inspire others to reach their goals. It also served as a source of healing from dealing with issues around bullying and childhood domestic violence. There was something about improving myself in different ways and having the ability to help others better themselves that appealed to me–that’s also why I still do it now. It’s awesome to be in a position to serve as a positive influence on people around the world. My fitness journey has also served and inspired victims and survivors of domestic violence and child abuse which was something I never counted on happening but am grateful that it has.

My biggest challenge as an athlete:

When I first started lifting, it was more of a mental challenge than anything physical, I had to work hard to convince myself that I could do what I wanted to do. So many people around me would doubt me and say that I was delusional for having such ambitious goals, so I had to tell myself over and over that I could do this until I believed it. Once I was convinced I could do it, there was no stopping me.

Advice I’d give anyone thinking about starting weightlifting/bodybuilding:

It doesn’t matter what training tips you read, what nutrition information you follow, or what supplements you take. If you don’t believe–absolutely believe that you can reach your goals–then it won’t happen. You must know that you can and will do it.


Roger using the Harbinger Weighted Vest.

Roger using the HumanX Weighted Vest.

My fitness goals for the rest of 2014:

For the rest of 2014, it’s more about doing all I can to help the companies I’m so proud to work with like Harbinger and HumanX, Bodybuilding.com, Iron Man Magazine, Labrada Nutrition, and STACK Media. Actually, my next big fitness goal is in 2015. I go to the Arnold Sports Festival every year and next year I want to look my best ever. I want to be in the best overall shape of my life. Being an Ambassador for Harbinger has really helped me shift my focus from working as only a writer in the fitness industry to improving more as an athlete. I’ve always been branded as a writer so to now represent a company as an athlete has been inspiring to say the least. It’s been a BIG motivator for me to know I represent a brand whose equipment I’ve used for years.

Favorite Harbinger product and how I use it in my fitness practice:

Even though picking just one Harbinger product as my favorite is much like asking a kid to pick just one favorite toy, I’d have to say my favorite Harbinger product is the HumanX Weighted Vest. I love using it on bodyweight exercises like dips and for sprints when I do High Intensity Interval Training. It’s a great challenge to perform with 20 more pounds than you’re used to carrying around. That would be my favorite but I also like the HumanX gloves, Harbinger lifting straps, AbX, and BalanceX.

My favorite motivational quote:

“No goal is unreachable if your will is unbreakable.” This quote is actually one of mine that I used in a blog and has been shared on social media.


Roger weight training with HumanX Gloves.

Roger weight training with HumanX Gloves.

After a day of heavy lifting, what I do to help with recovery:

When I’m done with a great workout, I like to walk for around 10 minutes to cool down and stretch for about 10 more minutes. While doing this, I also replay the workout in my mind, which motivates me to perform even better next time.

Other activity I enjoy (besides weight lifting):

I always enjoyed basketball and there’s a full court in my neighborhood. Whether it’s just shooting around or running games, it’s always a good day when I get on a court. It makes for great cardio, too.

How weightlifting has changed my outlook on life and my self-confidence:

Lifting and fitness in general changed everything about my life. It improved my self-confidence and helped me learn I can take on great challenges. It also showed me that I can help others do the same. There’s no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t have developed the confidence to tell my survivor story and work to help victims if I hadn’t  started training and reached my own goals. As corny as it appears to be, if you told me I’d be going on regional TV regularly, be featured by so many awesome companies, and even in a book due out in October 2014, I would’ve seriously thought you were nuts, but it’s all happening. I hope others who read the book will realize they can do the same or even greater things if they want those things bad enough and are willing to work for them.

Hmmm…! One thing most people don’t know about me:

I’m a big fan of stand-up comedy. Working in the child abuse and DV fields on a regular basis can be tough so stand-up makes for a great escape. I’m a big Lewis Black fan as well as Chris Hardwick, Rodney Carrington, Jon Stewart, Nikki Glaser, and lately, Jimmy Shubert, who was on Last Comic Standing. It’s nice to end the day by laughing.

Music motivates me the most:

When I’m heading to the gym and ready to go, it’s definitely hard rock and heavy metal. Metallica, Disturbed, Saliva, Motorhead, and others are definitely on my phone ready to go when it’s time to train.

Where I see myself in 10 years:

I hope to be running an organization focused on helping adults and kids impacted by childhood domestic violence. It would also be awesome to still be contributing to the fitness industry at this level. This was my dream and if I’m still living that dream in ten years, I’ll consider myself very blessed.


Here are few recent articles I wrote for Stack.com and Bodybuilding.com. Enjoy!

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